Shipping to FBA Japan from overseas - IOR and deductive method problems


Hi there,

I’m trying to ship to FBA Japan for the second time. First time I used Yamato, it was a nightmare, and they wouldn’t do it again. Second time I shipped straight from the UK with UPS.

It’s been stopped on the way in for two reasons:

  1. UPS say I need an Importer of Record. I had previously contacted one and been told Japan had scrapped this requirement. Does anyone have any extra info here?
  2. They want to charge consumption tax on import based on retail value minus Amazon fees (deductive method), rather than transaction value. As I understand it I basically just lose 10%/12% and can’t reclaim it, as I’m not registered for consumption tax in Japan. Am I right? Has anyone got round this, e.g. shipping to an intermediary warehouse in Japan?

All pointers appreciated. It currently looks like I need to return the shipment back home and give up on my Japan Amazon adventure as I can’t seem to get stock in. Keen to hear how others are managing.


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