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Hello everyone,

I am barely signing up for registration on Amazon JP and my account got suspended even after sending the documents they requested me to provide. Below are the submissions and responses (these are English translations by the way):

First email from Amazon JP:

Thank you very much for using

Currently, we are checking your seller’s account on During that time, your account will be suspended.

We ask that all unfinished orders be processed for shipping. If there is a balance in your account, we will begin the transfer process after the time limit for buyers to apply for a Marketplace Guarantee has passed. The reservation period is usually about 90 days, but it may be extended if necessary.

You can check your balance and payment information in the “Payments” section of Seller Central. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please email

Please submit the following documents and make sure you have a valid credit card.

-Utility bill with name and address
–Formal company registration documents (if applicable)
–A copy of the invoice, receipt, contract, or delivery slip issued by the supplier within the last 90 days, if any.

The file to be sent must be in .pdf, .png, or .gif format. These documents must be genuine, unrevised. Pricing information can be deleted, but the rest of the document must be explicit. Please submit these documents to

After submitting the documents, we will review the content and determine if you can reopen your seller account.

I already provided them with the documents and did not hear from them so I emailed them:

Has your account been deactivated in error?

Yes, because I have barely activated my account and have
not listed or sold any items on the Amazon Japan
marketplace. I have not verified my deposit method. Please
explain to me what I need to provide, such as verification of
address or identity and I would be more than happy to do so.
Thank you.

Their response:

The same exact one as the first.

I sent them another email:

Additional information

My account has been suspended due to not providing
verification documents. What documents would Amazon like
me to provide? Please respond soon, as I would like to begin
selling on Amazon Japan.

Thank you,


Their final response:

Thank you very much for using

Your Amazon seller account remains closed. Seller information has been deleted. Transfers to sellers may be held for 90 days or more. In order to prevent any further impact on your account, we ask that you ship the ordered product.

Reasons why this measure was taken

This decision is based on a careful review of both your account and the information you provide.

Please note that you may not receive a reply even if you send further emails regarding this matter.
Account specialist

Is there anything I can do? Please help!

Amazon deactivating my account and not getting a refund






A thread I can easily read and help on in English finally.

This is a very common issue across all Amazon Regions and Marketplaces and I have seen it many times.

It is not unusual for Amazon to ask for documents for verification. It’s also not unusual for registrants not to send documents that meet the guidelines Amazon requires for submitting them.

Here are some things to consider when submitting documents to Amazon for registration, and really even for anything.

Common mistakes can be -

  • Not matching up addresses and phones numbers on ALL documents to what is in your accounts “Legal Identity”
  • Screen shots of anything
  • Cutting off part of a page
  • Not including all pages (like sending just the first page)
  • Not sending an acceptable type of utility bill.
    (My email for AU registration gave these examples - piped or natural gas, electricity, piped water, or internet service with name and address visible)
  • Not submitting translated documents
    Amazon accepts these Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Otherwise a notarized translation is needed with a seal or stamp
  • For ID’s Amazon requires color images sent like this:
    Front and back of National ID’s or Drivers License. This must be submitted in one (1) digital file
    Front only of Passports (I would include the signature page). I would also include an address page it it has one. Also in one (1) digital file
  • Bank Passbooks (except in India and Japan) as Bank Statements
  • MS Word files (file extension .doc or .docx although sometimes they are accepted)
  • Excel files or .zip files
  • Editing documents after creating or saving the file

最後に英語で簡単に読んで手伝うことができるスレッド。 :slight_smile:





  • ** ALL **書類の住所と電話番号をアカウントの「リーガルアイデンティティ」に一致させない
  • あらゆるもののスクリーンショット
    Amazonはこれらの言語を受け入れます:日本語、中国語、英語、フランス語、ドイツ語、イタリア語、ポルトガル語、またはスペイン語。 それ以外の場合、公証された翻訳がシールまたはスタンプで必要です
  • IDのAmazonには、次のように送信されるカラー画像が必要です。
  • MS Wordファイル(ファイル拡張子.docまたは.docx、ただし受け入れられる場合があります)
  • Excelファイルまたは.zipファイル

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