"Amazon's choice"ってなんなんですか。

(Shiny) #1

今日あたりから急に"Amazon’s choice"という表示がつくようになりました。

Amazon’s choice ○○○(検索キーワード) のために

(一期一会) #2

Amazon’s Choice” is a feature that helps Amazon customers save time and effort when searching for common, everyday items and suggests highly-rated, well-priced products with Prime shipping.

Here’s what you can usually discern if an item is labeled Amazon’s Choice:

It’s popular and frequently bought by customers who searched the same thing you did.
It has a high customer rating.
It’s available to ship quickly via Prime.
It’s shipped by Amazon itself, if not always sold by Amazon.
It has a low return rate from customers.
It has a competitive price.


AmazonのChoice "は、Amazonの顧客が一般的な日常品を検索する際の時間と労力を節約し、Primeの出荷で高価で高価な製品を提案する機能です。



(ZOMEI) #4

“The program first launched back in May 2015 as a feature for the original Amazon Echo Alexa voice-enabled speaker, which had debuted about six months earlier. According to the Wall Street Journal, reporting on it at the time, the concept behind it was that if you asked Alexa to order an item such as toothpaste, it would first look at your order history and offer to send you the previous toothpaste product you purchased. But if you’d never ordered any toothpaste, Alexa (Amazon) would "make a recommendation from its Amazon’s Choice program."

Gradually, Amazon began expanding the feature from its Echo voice speaker to its website, revealing to shoppers which products were in its Amazon’s Choice program by attaching a badge to those products.”

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