Attention Sellers! Amazon JP acts as a fraud site.


I just registered days ago. When I fulfilled my card information, it was debited JPY4,900.00. But the pages didn’t show up any single word that the Amazon will debit fund from me. And further more ridiculously the Amazon JP blocked my account after its ROBBERY of JPY4,900.00.

Ironically there’s no online customer service channel for us to reach the Amazon JP. I have to contact it through the in-site tech help. But no kind answer except an email by a robot tells the JPY4,900.00 should be gave to Amazon.

What a site. This is Amazon. Amazing. I got you.


Those who have same experience are welcomed to discuss here.
I’m preparing to contact Japan Police.


Urgent matter は、こちら Please contact technical support.

英訳が合ってるか 自信がないけど・・・


Main reason you got suspended your account is you haven’t provide an additional documents for a verification process such as Internet bill, Electricity bill and water bill. When you sign up for a professional account you will be charge the Montly fee right after your registration.

Go on Youtube to see what you need to do. I think you have lack of acknowledge to do business with Amazon. You need to follow the step what Amazon asked.

Sorry but you agreed with Amazon Term of Use when you signed up. You have a full responsibility for your act so don’t blame Amazon. Do more home work before you take an action.


Let me put it straightly. It’s not the matter of so called “SUSPEND” of my account. I even don’t care how the Amazon deals with my account.
It’s totally a fraud. Do you or Amazon think it’s legitimate or reasonable to ROB my money with a block of my account?

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