Why My product storage changed to " Apparel Storage"?


I just received an email indicating that I have products that may be subject to an overage fee. I checked and the reason for the overage fee was that one of my products was classified as “Apparel storage”, which used to be “Standard-size storage”.
My account has never sold any clothing products, so there is only 0.71 cubic meters of clothing inventory capacity. This change in inventory properties caused my “Standard-size product” to be converted to “Apparel product”, and the inventory capacity immediately exceeded a lot, so I will also be charged a lot of Inventory Storage Overage Fee。
I am so sad about this change, I focus on selling baby products. I have no interest in selling clothing products, nor do I have any clothing suppliers, and when you suddenly turn a baby product into clothing one day, what should you do? Is there some lack of consideration? ?
So you can charge Storage Overage Fee Immediatly, RIGHT?




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